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Image by Annie Spratt

About Us

Our Family of four

We are a young family who came to Oahu, Hawaii because of a job. Although a job is what got us here, a job was not all we wanted out of our time on the Island. Our goal was of course to learn how to surf, find awesome hikes, and enjoy the beauty around us but even more than that, we wanted a hobby to share. We wanted a hobby that would not only take us out of the everyday grind but one that would also share our greatest joy, adventure. 

Adventure is something we love. Adventure is also something that you create for yourself. Everyone has a different definition of Adventure but ours is defined by the freedom to explore. We were driven by the idea of exploring and finding an incredible spot where we could stay the night if we wanted, which is how the idea of Peak Adventure Vans came about. The biggest problem with traveling is that you are confined by your hotel, you paid for it so you intend to go back every night. By doing that, we feel you miss out on so much of what the Island has to offer.

This started our search for the perfect van to design and convert into a camper van. Once we found the van for us, we started to design and build it out. Day in and day out, the van was worked on. Our neighbors thought the noise would never end but one exciting day, it did. We finally finished the van and then COVID-19 hit and Hawaii shut down. We were bummed but then we took the opportunity to use the van ourselves and share it with locals. The experience was priceless and it caused us to want to share it even more with others. If you have any questions, please contact us or refer to the FAQ page. Mahalo!

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